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Hot Springs Village

2-Man Golf League

A Weekly Gathering of Hot Springs Village Golfing Fanatics!

This league is independant of the MGA 18. They are allowing us to use their website. For questions regarding this league see the contact information below.

Welcome to the Hot Springs Village 2-Man Golf League. We have a shotgun start every Monday @ 4:30 pm. Format is a handicapped 2-man 9 hole Scramble. League entry is $40 per team plus $5 per man each week. All players must have an established GHIN index or verifiable equivalent. Players will be allowed to play forward tees. See League Rules for restrictions.

We play the entire season at one course. Season will last 10 weeks. The first 7 weeks will be round robin play and the final 3 weeks will be the playoffs. Schedule may be extended for rain-outs. Teams are allowed to have an optional 3rd member. Substitutes are allowed. We have room for 16 teams. Teams will be divided into two flights. All teams will advance to the Playoff Brackets. The top 4 teams from each flight will advance to the Championship Bracket and teams 5 - 8 go to the Consolation Bracket. Prize money will be paid to the top teams in each bracket. Prize pool split will be 60% to the Championship Bracket and 40% to the Consolation Bracket.

Email all questions to Mark at

Season 3 starts July 1st. Call 817-501-1346 for details.

Season 1 Winners - Santa Maria

Championship Bracket

1st Place - Vannie / Merritt

Runner-up - Heffer / Speer

Consolation Bracket

1st Place - Clem / Holiman

Runner-up - Thornton / Smith

Season 2 Winners - Magellan / Cortez

Championship Bracket

1st Place - Kaercher / Vannie

Runner-up - Kamberger / Drew

Consolation Bracket

1st Place - Clem / Patyk

Runner-up - Martin / Shepherd

Season 3 INFO:

Current Player HDCPs

Schedule and Team Strokes

Standings and Match Summaries

Team Rosters

Sub List

League Rules

Playoff Brackets

2019 USGA Rule Changes

Come join the fun.

And bring your "A" game!