MGA Objective

The objective of the Men's 18 Hole Golf Association (MGA) is to encourage play of the game of golf, according to USGA rules, among the men of Hot Springs Village and eligible others and to conduct various tournaments for its members throughout the year.

MGA History                   


The Hot Springs Village Men's Golf Association was founded in 1972 to foster golf and mutual friendships among the men of Hot Springs Village. The founders envisioned regularly scheduled golf competitions and social interactions to bring members together to promote the game of golf in the Village.


To become a member of the MGA,
you must be:

  • A Hot Springs Village (HSV) Property Owner, or

  • A Non-Property Owner who has purchased a membership assignment on an HSV property,

  • And, you must have an established USGA or other acceptable handicap through GHIN.

MGA Prize Money Payouts


The MGA strives to return 90% of annual dues as prize money available to purchase merchandise through the HSV Pro shops. The prize money credits for tournaments is posted to the member's POA account.

Hot Springs Village Junior Golf

The MGA 18 contributes funds annually to support the village Junior Golf Program needs for equipment and other expenses.



Handicap System

Handicap indexes are through the Arkansas USGA (GHIN) system, and all MGA members are required to join. The annual Arkansas USGA membership fee of $24 is paid through the HSV POA.  It is the responsibility of every member to post all scores so your handicap is a true representation of your golfing skills and competition with other members is fair and honest.  Golf is an honor sport.

The MGA provides competition within five groups: 

  • Scratch: Max 9.9 Index (white tees)
  • Group 1: 0 - 9.9 index (white tees)
  • Group 2: 10 - 15.5 index (silver/white or white tees)
  • Group 3: 12.5 - 18.5 index (silver or silver/white tees)
  • Group 4: 18.6 + index (silver or gold tees)

                    [Index ranges are subject to change]


    MGA Tournaments

  • Variety of Individual, 2 Man and 4 Man weekly Tournaments, with varied formats (Scramble, Shamble, Best Ball, Stapleford, Ryder Cup, etc.
  • Several Special Tournaments
    • Snowman Tournament (February)
    • Spring Kick-Off Tournament (March)
    • Match Play Tournament (May-Aug)
    • Inter Group Tournaments (2 per year)
    • Two Day Handicap Tournament (July)
    • Member/Member Tournament
    • Two Day Stroke Play Tournament (Oct)
    • Tournament Directors Tournament (Oct)