Why:  To add some drama to our MGA events

Who:  Totally optional.  You may join when you pay your annual dues, or anytime during the year, up to the Member/Member Tournament in August. 

When: For MGA 18 events only.  This includes the all regularly scheduled MGA 18 events, Individual Match Play, 2-Day Handicap, 2-Day Stroke Play, Snowman, and Member/Member Tournaments. 

Cost:  $5.00 per player.

Prizes:  All money collected will be distributed at the Fall Meeting and divided equally among all who have made a hole-in-one that year. If none were made during the MGA event year, a drawing will be held at the Fall Meeting for club members only. The number of winners and size of prizes will be based on the amount of money collected for the year.  No club funds will be carried over.  You will not need to be present at the Fall Meeting to be a winner.  All prize money will be cash or check, not credits on your POA card.

Eligibility Rules: 
1. You must be an MGA 18 member and playing in one of the MGA 18 events.
 2. You must have joined before making your hole-in-one to be eligible for any money. 
 3. You must have at least two witnesses who will verify the hole-in-one.  
 4. It must be your first stroke of the hole.
 5. It must be from your normal tee box or farther. 
      (i.e. only Gold players can get one from the gold tees, and only Gold or Silver players from the silver tees, 
       and everyone from the white or blue tees.)

Revised:  11/9/17